To prepare homogeneous nanoparticles is a key issue for catalytic reaction because it directly connects to the control of the reaction. Using the sidewall of SWCNT as a catalyst supporter, the size of nanoparticle can be controlled, because the particle size should be affected by the interaction between SWCNT and metal species and its curvature. In this study, we focused on the direct synthesis of SWCNT with highly dispersed platinum group metal species. As a result, adding an adequate amount of platinum group metals into catalysts never disturbs the synthesis of SWCNT. Referring to TGA measurement, the presence of metal attached and/or metal involved SWCNT is suggested. Furthermore, SEM images show many nanoparticles are on SWCNT. When ruthenium catalyst is used, ruthenium nanoparticles are observed on the surface of nano carbon materials, which looks like SWCNT. These results indicate the possibility of direct synthesis of metal-containing SWCNT in CVD technique.

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