Premixed combustion is one of the most efficient techniques to reduce NOx emission in industrial combustors. But it is necessary to mix gaseous fuel with air sufficiently before the mixture gas burns. In this study, we present an instantaneous and simultaneous measurement of 2-D mixing behavior and temperature distributions by combining acetone LIF and Rayleigh scattering methods. We examined air-fuel mixing characteristics in an unburned region where is adjacent to a reaction zone by laser induced fluorescence. Acetone vapor, which fluoresces by UV laser light, was used as a tracer. The CH4 concentration was estimated from the acetone concentration, which was obtained by acetone LIF intensity. The mixing behavior has been evaluated by measuring CH4 concentration distributions. Simultaneously, we measured instantaneous flame temperature distributions by Rayleigh scattering method and investigated the correlation between mixing characteristics in an unburned region and temperature distributions in a burned region.

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