Through the methanol steam reforming (MSR), the energy of low temperature waste heat (100–150°C) can be recovered into that of hydrogen. However, actual MSR requires over 200°C to enable the high conversion of methanol into hydrogen. In this research, two types of combined absorption heat pump (AHP) and MSR systems were proposed: one-pass system and steam recycling system. The role of the AHP is to enhance the temperature level of the waste steam up to 230°C, which is used for the MSR. To evaluate the performances of these systems, “energy enhancement factor” was defined. As a result, the recovered energy of the waste heat was almost three times as much as the required work for the AHP when the reaction temperature and waste heat temperature and S/C ratio were 210°C and 150°C and 4.0, respectively. It was also indicated that the steam recycling was more effective at the higher reaction temperature and lower waste heat temperature and higher S/C ratio.

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