In this work a one dimensional steady state model is developed for a single stage and two-stage bottom fed entrained flow coal gasifier for. The single stage model was first analysed for two different oxidants (i) oxygen and (ii) air to study their effects on gasification. Analysis proved oxygen to be the better oxidant. The model is then extended to a two stage gasifier. Here 30 (70) percent of the coal is fed in the first stage (second stage). The first (second) stage operates in oxidant rich (lean) environment. The performances of single stage and two-stage models are compared in terms of their cold gas efficiencies for the same coal feed rates. It is observed that a two-stage system has better cold gas efficiency (77%) than a single stage system (72%) with lower oxygen consumption. The two-stage model is used to optimise the O2/Coal ratio as the H2O/Coal ratio is varied in the 2nd stage. The optimum yields the highest cold gas efficiency with minimum possible oxygen consumption.

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