This study describes NOx emission characteristics of a high temperature air combustion furnace operating with parallel jet burner system. In the parallel jet burner system, fuel nozzles are separated with a distance from an oxidizer nozzle. Objectives of this study are to clarify the effect of the distance between the fuel nozzle and the oxidizer nozzle on NOx emission. The emission index of NOx (EINOx) decreases with the increase in the distance. This is due to the dilution through entrainment of burned gas. A scaling concept is proposed to assess the dilution effect on the NOx emission. Scaling parameters employed here are the global residence time of fuel and the flame temperature evaluated on a modified flamelet model in which the dilution effect is included. The overall EINOx production rate is scaled with the flame temperature. This scaling indicates the importance of the distance between the nozzles for NOx emission.

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