A 5MW-gas turbine engine (DGT-5) for power generation is currently under development by Doosan Heavy Industries, funded under a national R&D program. Tests of its combustor performance are carried out by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). The combustor is a Dry Low NOx (DLN) type premixed combustor consisting of dual radial swirl burners, air-cooled liner, transition piece, and torch system. It uses natural gas as fuel. Measured characteristics of the combustor include emissions, pressure pulsation, and exit temperature distribution. The optimal operation point of the combustor is found by investigating parameters such as the fuel ratio between the pilot and the main burner and various total fuel rates. The test results show that the combustor performance satisfies the requirements for a gas turbine system. The following results are obtained from the test: pressure loss<4.3; NOx emissions<20ppm; PF<7.6%; Pressure pulsation amplitude <2kPa at low pressure (3bar, a), 100% load and FR 0.2 conditions.

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