A closed two-phase loop system was developed that combined with a multi-nozzle spray cooling unit for the cooling of high heat flux power sources. The fluid circulation was sustained by a magnetic gear pump operating with an ejector pump unit. The motive flow of the ejector shared the pumping liquid flow with the multi-nozzle spray. The use of the ejector stabilized the circulation of the two-phase flow. A multi-nozzle plate with 48 miniature nozzles was designed to generate an array of 4×12 sprays. A closed loop spray cooling experimental setup with a cooling area of 19.3 cm2 was built. The spray nozzle to target distance was 10 mm. Water and FC-72 were used as the working fluids. Spray cooling experiments were performed in three orientations of the spray target surface, namely (a) horizontal facing upward, (b) vertical, and (c) horizontal facing downward. The thermal performance of the horizontal facing downward surface was the best. A comparison with the thermal performance data for a smaller cooling surface area of 2.0 cm2 was made.

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