We focus on condensation and collapse processes of vapor bubble(s) in a subcooled pool. We generate the vapor in the vapor generator and inject it/them to form vapor bubble(s) at a designated temperature into the liquid at a designated degree of subcooling. In order to evaluate the effect of induced flow around the condensing/collapsing vapor bubble, two different boundary conditions are employed; that is, the vapor is injected through the orifice and the tube. We also focus on interaction between/among the condensing/collapsing vapor bubbles laterally injected to the pool. Through this system we try to simulate an interaction between the vapor bubble and the subcooled bulk in a complex boiling phenomenon, especially that known as MEB (microbubble emission boiling) in which a higher heat flux than critical heat flux (CHF) accompanying with emission of micrometer-scale bubbles from the heated surface against the gravity is realized under a rather high subcooled condition.

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