The bubble dynamics for flow boiling in a single microchannel was experimentally studied in the present work. A platinum heater was used as the nucleation site in a 0.1 mm hydraulic diameter PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) microchannel with FC72 as the working fluid. A high speed camera was used to visualize the bubble dynamics. The results show that the bubbles grow much slower than predicted by standard correlations due to the very large convective heat transfer to the liquid flowing around the bubble in the microchannel. The results also show that the bubble departure frequency, heat flux and bubble departure diameter are well correlated by two dimensionless parameters that also include the effect of the properties. Finally, the results suggest very high speed dryout and rewetting of the heater surface during the bubble growth with a very short period of more complete rewetting of the heater surface when a bubble separates from the main vapor stem.

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