This study investigates pressure drop associated with water liquid single-phase flow across an array of staggered micro-pin-fins having circular cross-section. The micro-pin-fins are micro-end milled out of oxygen free copper and have the following dimensions: 180 micron diameter and 683 micron height. The longitudinal pitch and transverse pitch are equal to 400 microns. Seven water inlet temperatures from 22 to 80 °C, and seventeen maximum mass velocities for each inlet temperature, ranging from 159 to 1475 kg/m2s, were tested. The test module was well insulated to maintain adiabatic conditions. The experimental results were compared to those from a micro-pin-fin array having similar size and geometrical arrangement but a square cross-section. The circular micro-pin-fins were seen to yield a significantly lower pressure drop than the square micro-pin-fins. The present experimental results were also compared with the predictions of several friction factor correlations as well as the results from a three-dimensional numerical analysis. Neither was able to accurately predict the experimental data.

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