This paper describes the flow boiling heat transfer of R123/R134a/R22 mixture in a single round micro-channel with 0.19 mm ID. The flow boiling heat transfer coefficients were measured for ternary mixture (R123/R134a/R22 mole fraction: 0.194/0.62/0.186) at various experimental conditions: mass velocities (314, 392, 470 kg/m2-s), heat fluxes (10, 15, 20 kW/m2) and vapor qualities (0.2–0.8). The heat transfer characteristics of the R123/R134a/R22 mixture are similar to those of the R123/R134a mixture (mole fraction: 0.502/0.498) observed in the previous flow boiling experiment which indicates that major heat transfer mechanism in the microchannel is dominated by evaporation of thin liquid film around the elongated bubbles. The large reduction of heat transfer coefficients compared with pure refrigerant is observed in micro-channel flow boiling by mass transfer effect of mixed refrigerant.

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