Numerical simulations of the flow field and heat transfer of squealer blade tip are performed in this study. The effect of Reynolds number (Re = 10000–40000), the clearance gap to width ratios (C/W = 5%–15%) and the cavity depth to width ratios (D/W = 10%, 20% and 50%) on fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics are obtained. The temperature and velocity distributions inside the cavity, the local heat transfer coefficients, and the average Nusselt numbers for the pressure and suction sides of the turbine blade tip are determined. This paper presents the results of the effects of Reynolds number, clearance gap and width ratios on the Nusslet number for the pressure and suction sides of squealer turbine blade tip. The results show a good agreement with the experimental data obtained by Metzger and Bunker. New correlations for the average Nusselt numbers for turbine blade tip pressure and suction sides are presented.

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