The plate-pin fin heat sink (PPFHS) is composed of a plate fin heat sink (PFHS) and some pin fins planted between the flow channels. In this paper, a numerical investigation was performed to compare the thermal and hydraulic performances of the PPFHSs and PFHS. PPFHSs with five forms of pin cross-section profiles (square, circular, elliptic, NACA 0050, and dropform) were numerically simulated. The influence of pin fin cross-section profile on the flow and heat transfer characteristics was presented by means of Nusselt number and pressure drop. It is found that the Nu number of a PPFHS is at least 35% higher than that of a PFHS used to construct the PPFHS at the same Reynolds number. Planting circular and square pins into the flow channel of heat sinks enhances the heat transfer at the expense of high pressure loss. Using the streamline shaped pins, not only the pressure drop of the compound heat sinks could be decreased considerably, the heat transfer enhancement also makes a step forward. The present numerical simulation provides original information of the influence of different pin-fin cross-section profiles on the thermal and hydraulic performance of the new type compound heat sink, which is helpful in the design of heat sinks.

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