Entropy generation rate has been the attraction of research, since it provides information on the thermodynamic irreversibility associated with the thermal systems. The exergy distraction in the thermal system increases entropy generation rate while lowering the second law efficiency of the thermal system. The heat transferring devices, such as heat exchangers, operates better when temperature difference between the transferring device and the heat sink is maintained high. In addition, the use of porous material in these devices enhances the heat transfer rates due to the achievement of high heat transfer coefficients. However, the presence of the porous material also increases the pump power because of the high pressure drop in the flow system. This increases the operational costs. Consequently, entropy generation rate due to pressure drop needs to be minimized to reduce the cost; however, heat transfer rates from the thermal system needs to be enhanced to improve the thermal performance of the heat transferring device. Therefore, a balance between the entropy generation rates due to pressure drop and heat transfer needs to be attained to achieve optimum operating conditions of such devices. To investigate the optimum operating conditions, the forced convection problem about inclined surfaces (or wedges) in saturated porous medium is considered. The flow in the porous medium is described by the Darcy-Brinkman momentum equation. An exact analytical solution of the governing equations using Kummer function is developed for the velocity, temperature, Nusselt Number, and entropy generation rate for the case where the free stream velocity and wall temperature distribution of the inclined surface vary according to the same power function of distance x, along the plate. It is demonstrated that the entropy generation number is weakly dependent on the Brinkman-Darcy number for forced convection flow, which is particularly true near the wall region.

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